evelina dmitry

CAMERA LUCIDA | 2003 | installation

Within a transparent chamber filled with water, sound waves are transformed into light emissions by employing a phenomenon known as sonoluminescence. After adapting to the absolute darkness surrounding the installation, one begins to perceive the fleeting configurations of glowing sound fields. Though it has been established that the source of light arises inside of imploding gas bubbles, the underlying energy amplification cannot be fully explained. Numerous theories have been proposed over the past 30 years, ranging from plasma core ionization and proton tunneling to quantum-optical heating and even nuclear fusion. No research, however, has been conducted on the implications of sonoluminescence as a perceptual tool. It is our intention to uncover this delicate bio-chemi-physical interface where the visible is the condition of the invisible (of the audible) and “where the inverse is also true, where invisibility [the disappearance of the observer in total darkness] is the condition of a new kind of visibility” (Tomas/Caillois/Minkowski).

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